WOW CAP ISTANBUL Organizer, Cumali Varer’s statement

The Mediterranean will remember this…
We all experienced together a very exciting and highly satisfying WOW CAP ISTANBUL race for a whole month. We witnessed a remarkable sporting challenge. I am extremely pleased about the outcome which the skippers brought into realisation minute by minute and we as spectators watched in thrilling suspense.
As Olay Nautic, we are very proud of the cooperative efforts of all our partners, the cities that welcomed the race with open arms and hosted us in the best way possible, our skippers, sponsors, preparators, Figaro Beneteau Class, French Sailing Federation’s Race Committee and all members of the organization team.
By means of this race, we are honoured to make possible the discovery of the Mediterranean in all its richness, beauty and profound cultural heritage.
In this unique atmosphere, the most significant achievement is the connection and cooperation between people. Our utmost task has always been to create these bonds among different cultures and since 2006 it is our tradition to make this happen.
The preparations have already begun for the second organization of Europa Race where the IMOCA 60 Class boats start the race in Istanbul, go through the Mediterranean and finish in northern Europe. Once again aiming to serve the sailing sports of which I am a devoted advocate, it will also conduce to another exemplary unification and solidarity among European communities on land and sea via sailing sports.
My greatest wish is that both WOW CAP ISTANBUL and EUROPA RACE be the finest models of this union.