Romanian Naval Forces State

Sunday, May 9, 2010, with the ocassion of Independence Day of the Romanian State, United Nations Coalition Victory Day in the Second World War and Europe Day, representatives of the Romanian Navy will participate to commemorative and anniversary activities, organized in garrisons Constanta, Mangalia, Braila, Babadag and Tulcea, as follows:



12.15-13.00 hours – military and religious ceremony with wreaths at the Monument of StateIndependence at  House of Culture,


08.30-09.30 hours – ceremony at the Navy School,

09.50-11.00 pm – Military and religious ceremony at Heros Monument in St. Constantine Cemetery;

09.00-11.00 hours – military and religious ceremony at Heros Monument;

10.00-10.50 hours – military and religious ceremony at Independence Monument

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