Richard Branson branches out with submersible plane

It seems that the stars were in a very strange disposition at his birth because the life of British billionaire with a hippy sexy symbol look and an ancient Epicurean mentality seems to remind us we constantly struggle with limits. Branson isn’t happy with just chartering out his Necker Belle, the 105 ft catamaran. He’s aiming for something new: a new project, the submersible plane named Necker Nymph. The prototype was made by Graham Hawkes, head over Hawkes Ocean Technologies. This craft is an entirely new class of vehicle because it was specifically designed to dive to scuba depths in tropical waters.

Regarding environmental concerns its low light and noise emissions ensure the fragile ocean ecosystems remain undisturbed. The current version can supposedly go down to depths around 130 ft, but Branson is hoping to one day explore depths exceeding 35,000 ft. And because everything that is otherwise “has a price to match it” it seems that the eccentric businessman prototype cost him £ 415,000.


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