RHKYC regrets the postponement of the 2010 VinaCapital Hong Kong to Vietnam Race

The VinaCapital Hong Kong to Vietnam Race, organised by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC), originally scheduled to start on 20 October 2010, Wednesday has been postponed due to the forecast impact of Super Typhoon Megi.
Sponsored since 2004 by Vietnam investments and real estate company, VinaCapital, this 656nm race is described by 2008 winner and regular competitor, Neil Pryde, as “one of the great Ocean races, combining an exhilarating downhill slide with a very interesting tactical challenge that unfolds as the fleet approaches the Vietnam coast …the race that nobody wants to miss”.
Race Chairman, Geoff Hill, went further, describing it as “one of the best offshore warm water events in the world”. The race also enjoys the support of Saigon Tourist, as the race is currently the only international yacht race to finish in Vietnam, which with its beautiful coastline is becoming of increasing interest to Asian sailors
This year’s entrants, together with Hill, RHKYC Vice Commodore and RHKYC Rear Commodore Sailing, gathered on Sunday for a Skippers’ meeting to discuss the weather patterns and likely forecast for the week of the race, and possible alternatives to Thursday’s scheduled start.

Projected track of Super Typhoon Megi – NOAA
Rear Commodore Sailing, Russ Parker, stressed that “RHKYC regards safety as its first priority for all its events, particularly for its international Category 1 Offshore events. It would be unthinkable to send the boats out in front of such a storm.”
In considering the potential impact of Super Typhoon Megi in the South China Sea, in particular the position relative to the rhumb line during the race, it was with great regret that the unanimous decision was taken to postpone the 2010 VinaCapital Hong Kong to Vietnam Race.

Satellite Imagery of Super Typhoon Megi 17 October 2010 – NOAA

Instead, competitors and RHKYC were fully supportive of running the race in mid-October 2011. The date is expected to be set soon, to allow international entries to plan their racing calendars.
The Hong Kong to Vietnam Race was pioneered by RHKYC in 1996, a true offshore long distance race covering over 656 nautical miles in tropical waters from Hong Kong to Nah Trang.