Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible


As underwater technology advances, private submersibles are becoming an essential part of any superyacht’s equipment. Nautilus Submarines & Diving Systems aims to capture what is no doubt a lucrative slice of the high-end trade. With its retro-styling straight out of a Sean Connery Bond film, the Nautilus VAS is billed as the only private submarine offering the options of a lavatory, full size stairs, minibar, digital video and music players, and standing room in its full size submarines. The pricetag? A cool 2 million €. Nautilus uses large flat, distortion-free optics in all its submersibles which translates into crystal clear vision for passengers of the VAS. Most subs use curved domes or viewports which distort the natural beauty of the undersea world and can also create a degree of vertigo and/or nausea. The VAS is the only private submarine offering the option of a Diver Lockout which allows you to exit and re-enter the submersible while underwater. The Mk III version carries five passengers and can do up to 6 knots.

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