As NTSR gears up preparations for the International Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show, organised for the 29th time by NTSR Fair, the international launch kicked off with the IFBSO (International Federation of Boat Show Organizers) meeting held on 09-12 June 2010 in Chicago.

Deluxe 2011 model year boats will make their debut at this year’s Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show to be held on 20-25 October 2010 at the Marinturk Istanbul City Port Pendik under the main sponsorship of Shop&Miles.

The Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show, one of Turkey’s leading international fairs in the yacht industry, will showcase the world’s most luxurious boats. The 29th International Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show, organised by NTSR Fair, will be held on 20 – 25 October 2010 at the Marinturk Istanbul City Port in Pendik. The fair, which will be on water, will showcase mega yachts that are too big to fit indoors as well as yachts that are suitable for sailing between continents.

The Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show is the only member of IFBSO (International Federation of Boat Show Organizers), which has been determining the quality standards for the yacht industry since 1995, and ranks among the top 45 international marine fairs.

Scheduled to take place after Europe’s largest marine fairs, the Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show will host exquisite 2011 model year boats. Leading international yacht brands and Turkish manufacturers will showcase their most eye-catching boats. These stylish boats, which boast luxurious living space, unprecedented performance, easy navigation and immaculate engineering, are set to dazzle visitors. Sea lovers who place an order during the fair will be able to enjoy their new top-model boat in summer 2011.

International publicity

The first leg of the international publicity campaign for the 2010 Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show kicked off on 9-12 June at Chicago with the IFBSO (International Federation of Boat Show Organizers) meeting. NTSR’s Marketing Director Pınar Yılmaz delivered a presentation at the 49th General Assembly of Boat Show Organizers to boat show organizers from across the world and explained the Turkish market, which plays an important role in luxury yacht building, and the 2010 Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show.

Pınar Yılmaz commented that: “Organizers and international synergy play a crucial role for fairs. We are privileged to be a member of IFBSO and had a most successful general assembly. We exhibited the strength of the Turkish yacht industry and shared important information with organizers. There was a lot of interest to the Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show, which is up to European standards.”

Delegates from the Netherlands, USA, Spain, UAE, Italy, Sweden, Finland, UK, Slovenia, China, Australia, Japan, Poland and New Zealand exchanged their ideas and experiences.


A Boat Show at sea in the coastal city Istanbul

The Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show will bring together world-renowned stylish mega yachts, motorboats and sailing boats with outstanding performances. The fair will host national and international mega yacht, sailing boat and motorboat brands, boat building equipment, boat accessories, inflatable boats, inboard and outboard motor brands, sailing clubs, water sports outfits and equipment, schools, charters and brokers, marinas, marine-related clothing brands and manufacturers, and leading companies and organisations in the industry. The Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show will rejuvenate Istanbul – a city on water. Sea lovers will come together at the Boat Show and share their passion for the sea.

NTSR Fair’s CEO Serkan Tığlıoğlu highlighted the importance of the fair saying that: “Turkey is making fast strides in becoming the world’s luxury yacht building centre. Currently, Turkey ranks among the top five mega yacht builders in the world. Many European mega yacht builders have deployed their shipyards in Turkey or have entered into joint ventures. Large-scaled projects are brought to life in the major shipyard areas Istanbul, Antalya and Bodrum that are set to becoming global brands. In addition to the growth in yacht building in Turkey, the number of new boats launched is also on the rise. For example, in 2010 a total of 25 luxury boats will be launched in Antalya. At the 29th International Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show Fair we will bring together the Turkish yacht industry with exhibitors and visitors from all across the world.”

Unique hands-on experience to test actual performance of boats

The International Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show marks its difference by taking the fair afloat. Using the advantage of being at sea exhibitors will offer exclusive test-drives to their customers.

From now on everyone who loves the experience of being at sea as well as those interested in buying a boat are no longer destined to just walk around in the cabins or read brochures. Boat lovers will now be able to actually experience the real performance of the models they like and make better decisions.

Moreover, Boat Show visitors who own a boat can cruise into the marina and tie their boat up to the visitor’s pontoon free-of-charge.

Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show in figures

In 2009, 31,587 people visited the Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show, where 273 boats ranging from 3 metres to 58 metres were showcased at sea. At the fair, 178 companies and 585 local and international brands came together with sea lovers.

Some highlights of this year’s Istanbul Shop&Miles Boat Show – the oldest event in Turkey bringing together the yacht and boat industry with consumers – include:

  • 150,000 m² exhibition space
  • 250+ companies, 600 brands
  • 300+ boats
  • 40,000+ national and international visitors.