BMW Oracle – winners of America’s Cup

BMW Oracle team won the America’s Cup 33rd edition on board of the revolutionary trimaran held in Valencia. The American team founded ten years ago by mogul Larry Ellison, saw his dream come true when it past in a flash the finish line ending Race 2, with a margin of 5 minutes and 25 seconds, defeating team Alinghi with 2-0. Russell Coutts, CEO BMW Oracle Racing, won the Cup four times so far, twice with his team of native New Zealand, with Alinghi, and now has been successful with the American team.

At evening break, the giant painted in black and white passed the finish line like an arrow long before the Swiss team which won the first America’s Cup in New Zeeland in 2000, and then successfully defended the title defeating the Emirates team in New Zeeland in July 2007.

After a 6 hours delay, while the teams waited for favorable weather conditions, Race 2 of the three series was arbitrated on a breeze of about 6-9 knots. The much expected start took a bad turn when Alinghi was penalized for a start error, the second successive penalty in the Pre-Start sequence. The Americans opened the race with 24 seconds in advance, but the Swiss team took advantage of the favorable wind, and at one point they were 600 meters in front of BMW Oracle’s trimaran. Unlike the position of Friday, February 12th, when USA-17 was slowly but surely moving far away from Alinghi 5, this round was still keeping the public on wires until the American trimaran finished the first round with a small advance. Around the buoys marking the route in the shape of a triangle measuring 39 miles, Americans infiltrate into Alinghi’s line to win a 28 second advance. Going through the first miles with a variable speed of 30 knots, the powerful trimaran won again two minutes and 16 seconds until the second buoy, and changing sails from one board to another gave them another 5 minutes and 26 seconds. Meanwhile, Alinghi 5 could not keep up with the rhythm and witness how USA-17 took control with 2 minutes and 44 seconds until the tracing mark.
On sunset the wind was calmer, but this time USA-17 was located 2.300 meters ahead the Swiss. Only after two hours of racing BMW Oracle won the Race 2 and thus the 33rd America’s Cup.

This edition was a turning point in the history of the event which marked 159 years – a painful result for some, for others a great deterrent, but for BMW Oracle Racing and its supporters a convincing and demonstrating victory.

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