BladeRun is close!

Exclusive rally on the water during the day and noisy parties at night.

This is how you would define the only rally in Western Europe which is ready to start the engines. In collaboration with the best party organizers, BladeRun is like a challenge for lovers of adrenaline. A motor boat marathon which will start on July 15 from Muse docks in Rotterdam. From here, the boats will move to Antwerp. At sunset, participants will enjoy a fabulous party in the best club in Belgium – Noxx Antwerp. Each step or nautical mile will be followed by the BladeRun helicopter. If they pass this challenge well on July 16 competitors are expected in the coastal town Ostend. After a day spent on water and a good night sleep it is time for new sensations: BladeRun exclusive KrushClub a splendid location. There BladeRun organizes another tumultuous event which booked Daniel Bovie&Roy Rox as dj’s.

The final race will be held on July 17 from Ostend back to Rotterdam, where is announced a grand reception for the finalists, but also a final party of 1250 guests at Club Eau Lounge.

BladeRun is a lifestyle event for real gear funs in search of adventure on the water. Rallies are a combination of adrenaline, parties and love for water. They are held in hot locations around the world including Britain, Malaysia, Brazil and South Africa. Rotterdam has the honor to mark the beginning of the rally season from 14 on July 17, 2010. The price of a ticket is 15 euro and the program takes place between 23.00-05.00 hours.

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