Another eco hero – Rainbow Warrior III

Rainbow Warrior III is being custom built for environmental activist group Greenpeace International. Construction of the ship is scheduled for completion in 2011, in time to coincide with Green peace’s 40th anniversary. A $32m (€23m) contract to build the ship was awarded to Fassmer Shipyard, Germany, in July 2009. Funds for Rainbow Warrior III’s construction are been sourced from various sponsors.

The 57m-long ship will use wind energy instead of fossil fuels and incorporate green marine technology. Greenpeace will use Rainbow Warrior III in its environmental awareness campaigns. It will provide a functional platform for campaigns at sea and in harbors. The ship will be deployed on campaign operations worldwide in all climatic zones. The ship will have the capacity to carry and launch inflatable boats in tough weather conditions. It also has a helicopter landing facility. The oceanic vessel is equipped with the latest in electronic navigation, sailing and communication equipment. Despite the fact it was sunk, bombed and subject to any form of intimidation, Rainbow Warrior will carry on the fight for a noble cause that makes history.

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