Anniversary launch: the impressive Privilège 1000

Privilège is celebrating its 25th birthday and entering the world of very large catamarans.

The production of mega catamaran Privilège 1000 is going progressively in Lorient. In parallel, the design and studies office of Alliaura Marine with the design agency Exalto finalize the definition of the standard version layout and are already working on inside specific demands. Privilège has been collaborating with naval architect Marc Lombard for 25 years and in the last 10 year the brand has launched more than 50 units.

The molds are being produced by Marsaudon Composite, a company highly specialized in building molds, racing multihulls like IDHEC, and composite components.

The giant will offer a huge owner suite at mast foot and the interior will fully be customizable with different essences of wood and type of fabrics. This contemporary and practical design emphasis the outside living spaces which are desired to be huge and Marc Lombard with the yard have done their best to multiply the number of private spaces.

The Privilège 1000 is scheduled to be launched in 2011.

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